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Hand-painted Batik Chakra Banner 7 Colors

Hand-painted Batik Chakra Banner 7 Colors


These beautiful banners are hand batiked and hand painted in a delicate and intricate process. The richness of color comes from the batiking process. Intricate designs are drawn on white fabric with a special hot wax pen. The fabric is put into a dye bath, then into hot water to melt the wax. Out it comes with the outlines which get filled in with hand-painting.

Made by Parwati, who also teaches young women the art of batiking which for centuries was a man's domain, forbidden to women. 

Each color corresponds to one of the seven chakras - our bodies' energy centres.

Red - Root Chakra 

Orange - Sacral Chakra

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra

Green - Heart Chakra

Blue - Throat Chakra

Indigo - Third Eye Chakra

Violet - Crown Chakra

  • 180 cm x 35 cm  (71 in x 14 in)
  • Bamboo hanger included
  • Hand-painted
  • Fair Trade
  • 100% Rayon




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